Newsletter – February 2017

Anything Goes Crafts

Every Other Thursday | 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Just a reminder the office will be open to residents every other Thursday through the winter months of January through March from 1:30-3:30 for crafting. Feel free to bring in a quilting project or needlepoint, woodwork, painting, or knitting, No registration is needed, all you have to do is bring your project in and enjoy the great company of others while you work. Light refreshments are provided.

Please Note

Two stop signs have been placed at the Gornada and Ruston Blvd intersection creating a 4 way stop. Safe Driving!

Snow Removal

It’s been a pretty mild winter so far! But to prepare, if you need a referral for snow removal or handyman services please contact the office for our listing. Please remember when the snow comes not to shovel into the street and that the ridge along the driveway is the residents responsibility. Do not park vehicles in the street. We work as quickly as possible to clear the common areas, roads and salt when it’s needed to keep Country Cousin a safe and happy place.

Dog Licenses

All pet owners must make sure their pet is registered with the Country Cousin office. Pet permission forms are available if you have a new addition to your family. For more information and to register your fury friend visit the Novi Civic Center at 45175 Ten Mile Rd Novi, MI 48377. License and Rabies vaccination information must be supplied to the Country Cousin office each year. We appreciate your communication.